Where are Heelys Near Me?

Heelys is a particular brand which created innovated product, roller shoes. Roller shoes are sold successfully all around the world. Heelys have a partnership with popular retail stores to sell their products. If you are asking about where to buy heelys near me, you have come to the right place since we are going to tell you where you can get roller shoes Heelys.

Where are Heelys Near Me

Before we know where you can get Heelys, let’s read about the history of Heelys. Roller shoes which are the main product of Heelys were invented on 1999 by Roger Adams. Adams who love roller skates so much were looking a new innovation which could accommodate the users to skate using the usual shoes. He got the idea when he watched kids playing skateboards and roller blades in Huntington Beach.
After that, he tried to cut open the bottom of his sneaker then inserted small wheels from the skateboard. He liked his first idea and he perfected his innovation till we have the current roller shoes which allow the users to skate in a split moment after walking or running only by shifting their weight to their heels. Heelys’ roller shoes have models like usual street shoes. That’s one of the reasons why kids love Heelys’ product. They can wear roller shoes for everyday use.

Where can I buy Heelys?
Heelys stores are available in major cities all around the world. For some countries which don’t have Heelys stores like United States (USA),  Canada and Melbourne, heelys roller shoes are available in chosen retail stores such as Orva Shoes stores, Journey stores, Journey Kidz stores, Paragon stores, Big 5 stores, Robert Wayne stores, Shoe City stores, Finish Line Macy’s stores, Shoe Parlor stores, DSW stores, Shoe Show stores, Famous Footwear stores, Shoe Carnival stores, and Tip Top Kids Shoes stores.

where to buy heelys near me

It is strongly recommended for the users usually children wear protective gears during the use of Heelys shoes. It is also highly advised for the first time users to learn and be familiar with the using instructions of the products. There is a study at the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics showing that injury rates from the use of Heelys are about 51 injuries per 100,000 children. This study only counted the significant injuries which required orthopedic attention. They didn’t research the minor injuries but it was suspected the minor injuries rates were much higher than the injuries rates in the research study.

Heelys Size Guide
Heelys Size Guide

To prevent those injuries during the use of Heelys products, Heelys provide Playbook guide, tutorial videos, and some tips and trick on their websites. In general, Heelys products are fun. They allow the users to be more active, encourage the users from all ages to be fearless exploring the new experience and their environment around them in fun ways. Heelys products are unique sports tools that everyone can easily use. As long as you understand the instructions, always wear protective gears, and make sure the condition of your Heelys are okay, Heelys products are safety to use. If you're living in the European Union Countries (EU), for further information where to buy Heelys, you can visit their website and find out the location of Heelys near me.

How to Heely
  •  Start on a smooth, flat surface with your feet shoulder width apart.
    how to heely
  • Take a step and push with your back foot. Lift the toes of your front foot so only the the wheel is touching the floor.
    how to heely for beginners
  • Now do the same with your back foot - you should be smooth rolling along the floor!.
    how to heely video
  • To stop. Lift your toes of both feet up so your heels are touching the floor.
    how to heely 2017-2018
  • Make sure you keep one foot in front of the other - usually your dominant foot will be in front. If you need help - ask someone to pull you along until you get the hang of it.

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