How to Clean Suede Shoes Without a Suede Brush Cleaning Kit

Knowing how to clean suede shoes without a suede brush and how to maintain it will, without a doubt, take you to new heights. We all have our own preferences, but if there’s one thing we all can agree on when a conversation about shoes is brought up, it must be how incredibly gorgeous a pair of suede shoes is. Yes, suede shoes never fail to impress us – they always have that premium quality and top of the line look about them. An item that fits the term “fashion forward” or edgy, as kids nowadays would say. However, many of us are still reluctant making a pair of suede shoes an addition to our collection, and the reason is none other than our collective fears of ruining them. Suede shoes may be a sight to behold, but this doesn’t come without one caveat: the fact that it’s difficult to maintain, and even more difficult to clean.

How to Clean Suede Shoes Without a Suede Brush Cleaning Kit

“How are we able to maintain it properly when we have absolutely no idea on how to clean suede boots in the first place?” is the thought that runs through our minds every time we consider about purchasing a pair of boots to complete our winter ensemble. It’s still fresh on our minds how our expensive suede boots from a few years ago turned moldy after being stored in its box. We thought it would be as great as new the next time we wanted to wear it, but what happened was completely the opposite. Little did we know, suede is a delicate material. Popular for upholstery, shoes, bags, and much more, but apparently, its fame does not teach us anything on how to clean and maintain it – but that’s about to change because we are about to give you tips on how to clean your suede shoes and boots!.

Suede cleaning kit

A suede cleaning kit is on the top of our list, that goes without saying. Consists of an eraser to dry-clean your suede and a suede brush as a final touch after it’s been cleaned, having this cleaning kit in your cleaning arsenal is a lifesaver. But with more than $12 a pop for the cleaning kit, some of us just wish to find an alternative – preferably one that doesn’t require extra expense. Whether you’re someone who likes freebies or you’re in an emergency situation, there are alternatives on how to clean them up by using things you already have in your home.

Can’t find your suede brush cleaning kit? Don’t worry, read another tips about How to Clean Suede Shoes with Household Products You Have.
  • Grab a clean toothbrush and very gently brush your suede shoes in the opposite direction. This will instantly renew the material.
  • You can actually get the suedes wet, and then just brush em regularly with a dry brush. It rained on your way back home and your suede boots end up with annoying water stains? Get a soft cloth and wet it with a lukewarm water bath before you gently brush the stains away.
  • Another great alternative is to use an eraser, just use it on the light stain and it will be gone instantly.
  • To remove dry stains on suede shoes, use nail file and nail polish remover.
  • To remove food stains on suede shoes, use vinegar.

how to clean suede boots

Now that you’ve found our foolproof tips on how to clean suede shoes without a suede brush, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!.

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