How to Clean Suede Shoes with Household Products You Have

Knowing how to clean suede shoes with household products will not only save your day, but also your favorite suede shoes. There is something about suede shoes that makes them incredibly attractive as well as irresistibly stunning. The soft and smooth texture of its surface and its ability to keep us warm while at the same time boost our stylishness along with its incredible value for the price are a few of the reasons why we love shoes of this material. Unfortunately, suede shoes come with a downside, it easily stains and often isn’t quite durable. When this happens, we often chuck it to the price tag – believing that it’s common for inexpensive shoes to get damaged easily. However, most of the time, it’s due to improper care and maintenance. When suede shoes are taken care of properly, it’s not impossible for them to last a long time.

how to remove stains on suede shoes

It’s true that suede is a type of leather, but it’s a sensitive one that is susceptible to scuff marks, stains, and dirt. This is the primary reason why you must know how to clean suede shoes at home using the products you have. Suede cleaning kit may do wonders, but what if somehow you lost your kit and you just had to have your suede shoes cleaned up right now? Don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place.

These stains become common issues with your suede shoes:
  1. Water Stains
  2. Blood Stains
  3. Mud Stains
  4. Oil Stains
  5. Chewing Gum and Wax
  6. Ink Stains
  7. Stubborn Stains

The following are our tips on the best way to clean suede shoes – as we all know, one of the most common issues with suede shoes is water stains and when you live in a country where it rains all the time, this is a disaster. While these splotchy stains are extremely disheartening, don’t give up on your favorite suede shoes yet! What you have to do is get a clean toothbrush, dip it into a glass of lukewarm water and brush your suede. The next thing to do is get a sponge or dry cloth, and let it absorb the excess water from the previous step – when you’re finished, leave the shoes outside overnight to further dry them off. If you’re dealing with tougher stains such as oil or grease, this method may not work. Instead, sprinkle cornstarch directly on top of the wet oil stains and leave it overnight – to get rid of the cornstarch simply shake it off and use a steamed iron if needed.

how to clean suede shoes with household products-how to clean suede shoes at home

How can I clean my suede shoes with household items?
Before you sprint to buy any cleaning solution that may severely damage your shoes, just grab a clean toothbrush and gently brush your suede in opposite direction. It may seem simple, but it works wonders on renewing the overall look of your suede shoes.

how to clean suede shoes with household products
This method also works when you are dealing with mud, but don’t brush it right away! Dry the mud until it hardens first before you break up its pieces and do the method.
  • To remove shoe scuffs on your suede shoes, use Baking soda and warm water.
  • To remove lightly scuff areas of the shoes, use pencil eraser.
    How to clean dirt off suede shoes
  • To cleaning water stains on your suede shoes, use dry paper and dry the shoes overnight in an airy place.
  • To remove oil stains on your suede shoes, use talcum powder or corn starch.
  • To remove chewing gum on your suede shoes, freeze (in the refrigerator) your shoes for few hours.
  • To remove ink stains on your suede shoes, use alcohol or sandpaper.
  • To remove blood stains on your suede shoes, use peroxide.
  • To make the suede shoes as good as new, use Petroleum Jelly.

Now that we’ve given you all you need to know on how to clean suede shoes with household products, your suede shoes are guaranteed to last longer!

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