Bowling Shoe Slider Tips for Perfect Sliding

Bowling shoes are supposed to have the ability of sliding. It could happen if the leather soles at the bottom of the shoes are still intact. When they get worn and compressed, it is time for you to think about bowling shoe slider to aid you getting a perfect slide.

Bowling Shoe Slider Tips for Perfect Sliding

There are several brands which gain high popularity in the bowling world. These brands are known for their quality and materials. The brands include Dexter, Brunswick, Etonic, and Circle. Brands like BSI and Linds targeted middle-low class, but some people gave bad reviews for their poor quality products. It is strongly advised to try bowling shoes before buying to get the feelings whether they are comfort fit size shoes and have a good slide or not.

How to choose the right bowling shoes
Bowling shoes have few different types. There are bowling shoes with heels, flat bottom shoes or bowling shoes with interchangeable heels and soles. Each type has different purpose regarding a number of slides. If you want to slide just a little bit, flat bottom bowling shoes are the perfect choice for you. If you want to slide in moderate amount, bowling shoes with a raised heel are the best option for you.

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If you want to take control of your sliding whether it is zero slides or maximum amount of slides, you should choose bowling shoes with interchangeable heels and soles. Once you identified the type of bowling shoes, it is time to think about the budget. A great sliding shoe often cost you amount of money. Cheaper shoes may look the best solution in the beginning, but there is a chance that they won’t give you happy with their amount of sliding. In the end, you may think that you have wasted your money. Therefore, think carefully before buying.

What to do to make bowling shoes slide more
Even if you wear rented bowling shoes with worn leather, don’t be worry with your sliding since there are many ways to improve the slides. Here are few tips for you. Have a look.
  • Take the shoes off when you step out from bowling lanes. The hardwood lanes affect the life of leather soles. Therefore, it is strongly advised to always take your bowling shoes off when you go to the bathroom or the snack bar. Wipe your bowling shoes with the felt each time you are done bowling.
    Bowling Shoe Slider review
  • Use shoe slider. Shoe slider is like a mitten that covers the half front of your bowling shoes. Shoe slider is made of special material that could make your worn shoes slide like they are new. You can get shoe slider via online or sport shoe stores for about $14-20.
    Bowling Shoe Slider Tips
  • Use bowl soles stick-on. It is adhesive stick-on which can be replaced after you are done bowling. You can put bowl soles on the street shoes or bowling shoes. You can get it at the front desk of bowling center or online store for about $12.
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  • Use sliding powder. Bowling shoe slide powder allows you to slide better even for rented bowling shoes. You can get this bowling shoes slider aid for about $4-7 at online stores.

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