Klay Thompson Shoes Finally Released After His Great Performance

Klay Thompson shoes are something you should know if you are a basketball lover and the fans of this player. One of his best basketball shoes is Anta shoes. It is probably the secret of his great performance. Let’s check the detail of this shoe so you know why Klay Thompson chooses it.

Klay Thompson Shoes

The Detail of Klay Thompson Shoes
Anta is a well known Chinese athletic brand and it has been produced high quality sport shoes since 1990. In fact, Klay Thompson is not the first NBA player who wears Anta shoes. Previously there were Rajon Rando, Kevin Garnett, and Luis Scola. In specific, Klay Thompson is wearing Anta KT2. The unique part of this shoe is on the use of animal spirit. It shows on the detail of the shoe in which Anta KT2 is using a hawk. It is not only using the head of the hawk but also the feather. It can be seen on the upper part of the shoe. Moreover, this shoe is using a hawk wing pattern and it is applied on the heel. If you see it clearly, there is a zig-zag design which really looks like a wing.

Klay Thompson Shoes details

The Strengths of Klay Thompson Shoes
So, what are the strengths of Anta KT2? The first strength is about its weight. Klay Thompson is an active player so it is an important to wear a comfortable shoe. Anta KT2 is a lightweight shoe so it is comfortable enough to wear. It doesn’t disturb Thompson’s movement and even they can play just like a hawk. Besides lightweight to wear, this sport shoe is also anti shock because it is perfectly absorbed. As the result, it doesn’t disturb the movement. The best part is on the injection heel technology. This technology keeps the foot stick into the shoe. This is where Klay Thompson got his stability while running or jumping. Of course, it is also about the style of the shoe itself.

Klay Thompson Shoes desain

It is planned that Anta KT2 will be offered in 4 different colors and one of them has been promoted by Klay Thompson. These reasons are enough to explain why it is taken as Klay Thompson shoes. Now, Thompson is wearing two types of Anta KT2. The first is white hawk Anta KT2 version for home games. The second is black hawk Anta KT2 version for away games.

Klay Thompson Shoes types and colors

The Price and the Way to Get It
If you want to improve your basketball performance by wearing the same shoe just like Klay Thompson, you have to spend around $120. It is a great deal because you will get more than just an ordinary basketball shoe to wear. You can buy from two different stores. For the limited edition, you can grab it fast at Shoe Palace locations.

Klay Thompson Shoes anta kt2

For online shopping lovers, you can buy it online. Just visit its official website, antaamerica.com to check the detail of the shoe as well as buying process. Now, you can answer your curiosity about what shoes does Klay Thompson wear. What do you think about the Klay Thompson shoes this season?.

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