How to Select the Right Shoes for Overpronation

Overpronation is not a type of injury but if you excessively pronate then you are more prone to various kinds of sport injuries. This condition often happens in runners. Pronation is commonly seen as flattening or rolling in condition of a foot. However, it is not merely as simple as it seems. During walking or running activity, a neutral foot might pronate so lower leg, knee, as well as thigh rotate internally. People with overpronation can be defined as severe leg rotation inward movement. This rotation gives high stresses on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in foot area. The lower leg such as shin and knee might be affected as well because the limb rotates too exaggerated. Choosing the proper shoes can help you to overcome the problem of pronation. Here, some guides to select mens shoes for overpronation.

type of pronation you suffer

Knowing the type of pronation you suffer
Before choosing the right shoes, you should know type of pronation you suffer. It is very important since it will affect the shoes you will wear. Each type of pronation requires different shoes to support the condition. There are a number of pronation test that will help you determining the type of pronation you suffer. Video gait analysis is one of the tests you can take. A video will be made when you run over a treadmill. This video then played in slow motion and analysed deeply by health professional, physical therapist or expert which has specialty in running store. Another test is through a 3D foot mapping. This is also known as more advanced test of video gait analysis.

a 3D foot mapping for overpronation
The video on this test include both lasers as well as micro cameras to make very accurate 3D image of the foot. The information about the recent condition of feet can be acquired from the scan. It commonly shoes the arch height and alignment of Achilles in the limbs. Besides help to decide the appropriate running shoes, this test is also beneficial to give further insight about what possibly the causes of repeated injuries.

Selecting the right running shoes
If you have succeeded in determining the pronation types, then you can find the right mens shoe for overpronation. Overpronation can be recognized as the most severe type pronation. That’s why people who suffer (runner) from this condition need to look for shoe which provide optimal support, structured cushioning, and good cushioning. The perfect type of shoe for overpronation is none other than stability running shoes. This kind of shoes work the best for overpronation sufferer since the shoes help distributing the effect of running more effectively. Thus, the shoes will reduce the pronation problem.

Stability running shoes for overpronator
Stability running shoes also provide internal or medial post support for the problematic leg. It can be extended throughout the heel occasionally. This type of shoes also comes with frim midsoles which give arch support for flatter feet. Those who already develop severe overpronation need to take into account a motion control shoes combined with additional cushioning to provide better support on it.

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