3 Best Handmade Men Shoes in Italy

3 Best Handmade Men Shoes in Italy – Do you have a plan to visit Italy in the near future? If yes, it must be very interesting. Of course, there are many places to see whether you love history, arts, and also fashion. Something that you should not forget is probably shopping. Well, your visit to Italy is basically not complete if you are not buying something there. It is mainly if you have a chance to go to Milan, the fashion city. Anyway, despite of the famous brands like Valentino, Versace, Prada, and others, it is not bad to taste the others. Especially if you are intended to have a new pair of handmade shoes for men, there are top 3 retails to visit. Here they are for you.

Best Handmade Men Shoes in Italy

Tucci Polo
Tucci Polo is actually a store which is not intended only for men. There are many stunning collections designed for the women as well. However, the handmade shoes provider is getting more popular nowadays due to the designs for men which are really unique, beautiful, and also prestigious. As you know, the handmade fashion is in general give you a plus point particularly regarding its texture and quality. However, the designs tend to be limited. Well, if you are a kind of men who really focuses on the design but also doesn’t want to ignore the quality, it seems visiting the store is a really good choice. Interestingly, if your time in Italy is limited you can see the collections firstly online.

tucci polo-Best Handmade Men Shoes in Italy

Talking about the collections provided in Scarosso, you will be more and more believing that Italian has a very great taste of fashion. Interestingly, the Scarosso shoes are not being offered in other stores and places. If you want them, they are only exclusively available on its store located in Marche, Central Italy. The designs are also really various by still maintaining its standard of quality. Even the men shoes are being more highlighted here, this store is actually also providing other shoes for women. You can check them out through its official website at first before starting to purchase. If you want to buy them online, it gives service of shipping all around the world. Sure, for better selection, you can go directly to the store.

scarosso shoes-Best Handmade Men Shoes in Italy

Enzo Bonafe
Established on 1963 in Bologna, this is also another shoes producer and store with many lovers and customers. What are their reasons to choose it? Of course, the first thing is because the quality of each product. The manufacturing process is maintained well so that the final products are very beautiful and satisfying. It is still added by the selection of materials, especially the leather, which is really qualified. There is a famous saying related to this brand. It is that the craftsmen have their own secret techniques to make their products stunning and artistic.

Enzo Bonafe shoes-Best Handmade Men Shoes in Italy

Different from the two stores mentioned before, Enzo Bonafe is only providing footwear for men. Based on those facts, it is reasonable to say that Enzo Bonafe’s products are one from the 3 best handmade men shoes from Italy.

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