The Best Shoe Magazines for Upgrading Your Style

Everybody wants to look fabulous. Even men, deeply inside their heart, want to look gorgeous too. Though they do not like to be associated with the term “fashion”. To look fabulous sometimes you need a guidance or reference, so you know that you had walked on the right path. The easiest way to get reference is from magazines. Right now, we are not talking about well-designed clothes or make up, but we are going to talk about shoes, one item that would still fit to your feet no matter how much your weight is. We present you the best shoes and accessories magazines for shopping references. Have a look.

Elle, the best shoes and accessories magazines for shopping references

For Women

  1. Elle. On Elle you would find many references of the latest shoes trends. You also could find some tips and tricks to mix match make up, clothes, and shoes. Not only talking about fashion trends, Elle also talks about some major issues on political or news from women’s point of view.
  2. Vogue. Who doesn’t know Vogue? Literally, Vogue is like a bible for fashion. Every fashionistas and designers always refer their styles to this magazine including you if you want to know what shoes you have to wear this season.
  3. Harper’s BAZAAR. This magazine is famous for its high-fashion photo styles from high-profile designers. If you want to know the best shoes in town, you should spend some of your times to read this magazine.
  4. Marie Claire. This magazine covers anything which related with women. You could get information about shoes, clothes, accessories, social issues, news and even careers.
  5. Glamour. If you like columns with impudent writing styles, then Glamour magazine is the right magazine for you. This magazine also gives fashion advice to their readers that you might want to follow especially for shoes shopping guide.
  6. InStyle. This magazine not only covers about fashion designing world, but also covers about celebrities’ lifestyles. If you want to know what kind of shoes that celebrities use, maybe you should read this magazine.
GQ-Gentlemen's Quarterly, the best shoes and accessories magazines for shopping references

For Men

  1. GQ. GQ covers all topics related to men’s world, from style to relationship advice. It means you could get information about the latest trend of shoes in this magazine.
  2. Fantastic Man. Fantastic Man is a magazine from Netherland that covers all you need to know about men’s fashion. Even though most of the topics they talked about are high-fashion, the fashion items they are presented are still wearable to ordinary people like us.
  3. AnOther Man. This bi-annual magazine always gives us some tips to wear high-fashion items in or daily life without looking too sassy including footwear fashion.
  4. Grind. If you are interested to Japanese fashion styles, you should read this magazine. Grind covers what’s happening in Japan fashion world. You might get new information about shoes trends in Japan that you are not expected before.
Vogue Hommes International Paris. Just so you know, this magazine is written in French. However, the language barrier won’t give you too much problem since you still can catch the ideas from those stunning photos they put in the magazine. If you’re looking for the best shoes and accessories magazines for shopping references based on fashion runways, you might want to read this magazine.

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