How to Treat Your Custom Made Women’s Canvas Shoes

Custom made women’s shoes from fabric/canvas material is the best option because it is stylish, easy to custom and comfortable. It is also easy to give additional ornament to the canvas shoes. The most popular is painting the shoes. You can just give the design and let the expert done it for you. Before buying it, you should consider several things below.

The Step to Order Custom Made Women’s Shoes
The first thing to do is that you choose the canvas shoe first. It is related to your favorite model. Then, you can start to consider about the design of the shoe. In this case, you can choose the design prepared by the store or you can bring your own design. To get exclusive canvas shoe, you can just bring your own design. Then, give the team to work on your custom shoe. They need time to paint the shoe in detail just like you really want. After a few days or weeks, you will get your custom made shoe and you are ready to wear it. The sensation will be different because you are wearing a pair of shoes which no one has it.

How to Treat Your Custom Made Women’s Shoes from Canvas

How to Clean Canvas Shoes by Hand
The next thing you need to think is about how to clean the canvas shoe. Without a proper treatment, your shoe will be dirty and you can’t keep the design longer than you are expected. So, here are the ways to keep your canvas shoes clean and long lasting. First, it is possible for you to clean the canvas shoes by hand and it might be the best one. What you need is warm water, mild detergent, toothbrush, towel, and waste paper. Next, you have to mix between the warm water and the mild detergent. It is better to choose detergent which safe for wool and silk.
Now, use the toothbrush to clean your shoes. Just take the water and gently brush the shoes with it. Do it until all the parts of the shoes are clean. When the shoes are clean, you can start to wash it with clean warm water. Squeeze the wet shoes with towel to reduce the water so it will be easy to dry it. Put your custom made women’s shoes from fabric/canvas material outside and sunlight helps you to dry it.

10 Ways to Care for Your Canvas Shoes

How to Clean Canvas Shoes by Washing Machine
It is also possible for you to clean your canvas shoe by washing machine. What you have to do is preparing mild detergent and waste paper. You can directly set the washing machine and add the mild detergent on it. Then, put the canvas shoes there and let the washing machine finish the cycle. When the washing process is done, you can take the shoes out from the machine. It is time for the drying process in which you can use the waste paper to reduce the liquid on the shoes first. Next, just put it outside and let the sunlight make your custom made women’s shoes from fabric/canvas material totally dry.

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