Best Handmade Designer Women’s Shoes List which Amaze You

Best handmade designer women’s shoes list is a good consideration before buying a handmade shoe. By learning about the designer, you know the characteristic of the handmade shoes. It is very important so you can really get the best handmade shoes just like you want.

For those who want to find high quality handmade women shoes, you have to include Feit in your shopping list. This manufacturer was developed by two brothers namely Tull Price and Josh Price in 2005. They want to offer clean, minimalist, and environmentally friendly shoes for women. As the result, you will have unique and special handmade shoe to wear. Feit offers several women’s shoes styles such as hand woven suede slip-ons and double stitchdown desert boots. They also use cordovan, equine leather as the main material for the handmade shoes. In short, you will have an exclusive handmade shoe which can’t be found in ordinary shoes stores.

Best Handmade Designer Women’s Shoes List which Amaze You-Feit

John Lobb
This brand started since 1851. What makes the John Lobb handmade women’s shoes is that Lobb successfully combined the traditional handmade with modern design to get luxury shoes. The shoes are made in detail and in traditional way so it is a common thing if you have to wait for a few weeks before wearing your handmade shoe. You are able to order wingtip brogue, suede penny loafers, and leather Chelsea boots. The shoes are made of Savannah canvas Oxford leather. This leather makes the shoes sturdy and comfortable to wear.

George Cleverly
One more designer who can be included on the list of best handmade designer women’s shoes is George Cleverly. This family business started since 1958 with his skill to create high quality footwear. The consistency of the owner makes this brand stronger. Nowadays, the client of this brand is various including Hollywood celebrities. What George Cleverly wants to offer is the most elegant and stylish shoes.

Best Handmade Designer Women’s Shoes-George Cleverly

This women’s shoes brand started since 2009 and the main idea of Oliberte is to introduce African fashion into the world. The uniqueness of their shoes is coming from the traditional process known as stich down technique. High quality and stylish boots are what Oliberte wants to offer.

Ten & Co.
One more interesting designer to discuss is Ten & Co. This women’s shoes manufacturer is using vintage Moroccan rugs, supple suede, and leather as the material of their shoes. To get high quality and detail shoes, Ten & Co. is using traditional hand tools. If you love to wear something classic, it means you go to the right place. You will find the Oxford shoes, desert boots, flat shoes, and strappy sandals. It is great to wear something unique, stylish, and comfortable made of recycled materials.

Handmade designer shoes online for women-Ten & Co.

So, which one of the best handmade designer women’s shoes do you like most? It seems you have to check their collection to get more reference. At least you know the secret of best handmade designer women’s shoes.

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