Where to Buy Women’s Handmade Shoes in USA

Why do women often search for women’s handmade shoes stores in USA? It is because handmade shoes are hard to find in USA. You can easily find handmade shoes in Europe continent like England or Italy since they have the best shoes makers. Where can you find women’s handmade shoes stores in USA? Here are several stores that you may be interested to stop by. Have a look.

    1. Athena Alexander is one of women’s handmade shoes brands you may want to look. The shoes are made in Gardena, California and are also available on online stores.

    2. Chippewa Boots store. Chippewa Boots started in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and have been growing to other states in America. Chippewa Boots produces outdoor footwear like rugged boots and loafers that have authenticity and unique styles you won’t find from other brands. Every shoes are handcrafted by high-skilled hands.

    women handmade shoes usa

    3. Eliza B & Leather Man Ltd. Most their products are sandals or flip-flops for women. You also may find other leather accessories, for instance, belt. You can make custom footwear by bringing your design to the store.

    4. Footwear by Footskins. If you are looking for moccasin or boots, Footwear by Footskins is the best choice for you. Their moccasin are famous because it is handmade and has high quality of craftsmanship.

    5. Frye. Frye were born in Marlboro, USA and has been famous for their leather boots. You can see from the stitches and colors that their boots are made by high-skilled shoes makers. Not only women’s boots, they also made men’s boots.

    6. Gurkees. When most handmade shoes are made from leather, Gurkees is famous for rope sandals. All their products are made from rope including handmade belts. Many celebrities love to wear their rope sandals.

    7. Jack Rogers. The brand is made in Florida and famous for women’s handmade sandals.
    Nicks Boots. It has been popular since 1964 for their handmade boots. It began in Spokane, Washington, and has spread to the other states in USA. Their boots are customized so the wearer can feel comfortable when he wears the shoes.

    8. Manimal. Their famous product is moccasin. Manimal uses vegan leather when they made the order. The clients will get their order after two weeks. All their products are handmade and produced by high-skilled artisans. Not only women’s moccasin, they also produce children and toddlers’ moccasin.

    9. Mrs. P. Hicks. If you are looking for native style shoes like cukka, canoe boots, wallabee, moccasin, and many more, you should go to Mrs. P. Hicks’ stores. They have various women’s handmade shoes you can pick.

    10. Schnee’s. Most their products are hiking gears, from boots to coats.

    11. Scbicca. They are famous for handcrafted women’s sandals. They tend to choose California styles for their design.

    12. Steger Mukluks. You can find nice native styles boots and moccasins that are perfect for winter season or all time season.
      Those are women’s handmade shoes stores in USA. Not only the real stores, you also can find them via online where you can order and wait for the shipping.

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