Tips to Maintenance (Clean & Care) Handmade Boots

Tips to maintenance (clean and care) handmade boots must be the information you need if you have the special boots as one of your outfits. Handmade boots made from leather materials always need extra care and maintenance. The appropriate care and maintenance will ensure that you can wear the shoes much longer. To give proper care, some recommended ways below can become your guidelines.

Leather Uppers Boots
To care of boots with leather upper, you need to treat it with high quality wax polish regularly. The polish will protect the leather material and give finishing with high shine. This caring method will support the prolonged life of the upper leather as well as maintain the appearance of the shoes. Make sure your boots are dry before applying the wax polish.
The most common problem faced by owners of boots with leather uppers is the damaged surfaces. It may be caused by the application of inappropriate liquid polish on the surface of high quality leather. Besides, the liquid polish also commonly makes a lacquer that is difficult to remove.

Tips to Maintenance, Clean, and Care Handmade Boots

Boots with Suede and Nubuck Uppers
The next tips to maintenance (clean & care) handmade boots are for shoes that have suede and nubuck uppers. You can maintain this kind of boots with suede protector spray. Use a special suede brush made from rubber to lift the debris and dirt. Yet, you may need some suede shampoo if the shoes get stubborn stains. You can also revive the suede boots by using kettle steam and use a rubber suede brush gently to clean the surface.

Boots with Uppers of Waxed Finished or Waterproof Leather
Boot shoes with waterproof leather or waxed finished uppers can be treated with waxed leather cream or dubbin to soften, condition and also protect the leather material. This type of leather doesn’t need colored polish usage because this leather type doesn’t need to be high shiny.

Boots with Leather Soles
Boots shoes that are made with leather soles can be expanded when it is wet. So you need to skip wet conditions throughout the first some wears of the new boots. If the boots with leather soles are very wet, you should allow them to get dry naturally and slowly. You may not dry the shoes with direst heat like radiators.

Shoe Care, How to Care for your Handmade Shoes

Leather Boots Shoes
The leather boots shoes often need a day to get dry from wet condition; whether it is wet for natural perspiration or rain. You can let the shoes dry before you can wear them again and wear other shoes. You can use a wooden shoe tree to dry out the shoes so the moisture will be absorbed naturally. Besides, this method will help maintaining the shoe shape as long as the drying out process. You can use a shoe horn to prevent damage on the heels, top line as well as the counter.

Those are the tips that can be applied if you have handmade boots and need proper ways to maintain and care the shoes. Do the tips to maintenance (clean & care) handmade boots appropriately so you can keep your shoes well; both the shape and the comfort while wearing.

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