Top 5 Recommended Handmade Shoes Brands for Women

Finding info about the 5 best brand handmade women’s shoes might be something helpful for any women who are always in love with handmade shoes. For women, shoes are like the main thing to be noticed in order to keep them having a good self-confidence. For most women, the stunning shoes will help them getting the stunning look even in the basic yet ordinary outfits. That is the reason why there are so many women or almost all women, who are looking for the best choice of the shoes for any occasions. Shoes do play a great role and there are the wide ranges of ideas to meet the need. Quality shoes are what all women need to find. If you are always in love with the handmade shoes, of course you need to find information about some ideas of the best brands for the handmade shoes for women.

Top 5 Recommended Handmade Shoes Brands for Women

There will be the long list and perhaps you might find some problems in choosing one or some for you. Since Italy becomes the centre of the shoes maker in the world, why don’t we find information regarding to the top brands for handmade women’s shoes in that country? There are various brands for the quality shoes.

However, if you prefer to choose the handmade shoes, perhaps the Italian handmade shoes below will be the inspiring things for you. Here are some of them which might also be that great to be chosen in order to get the best quality one for you.


The unique design of the shoes from this brand is always noticed. The tailored shoes are made from this brand. Of course, all of them are handmade with such the touch of the unique yet tailored look style. The quality is of course still the number one thing to notice.


The workshop of this shoes maker brand was beginning the debut by producing the women shoes. However, nowadays this does not only produce the shoes for women but also for men. A lot of international artists also wear the shoes collections from this brand, as like G. Paltrow. However now, this brand also produces the men’s shoes collections which are still handmade.

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This is another great one of the 5 best brand handmade women’s shoes which any of you can notice. It starts its debut since many years later. This brand is more than 40 years old. However, this brand does not only produce the handmade shoes for women but also for man, and even for kids. Now, they also produce accessories.


This is firstly made to fulfil the need of the businessman who is looking for the tailored quality shoes. However, nowadays they are producing not only the men’s shoes but also the women’s shoes. Still, all of the collections are handmade and stylish. That is why the women can also notice their women shoes collections.


This brand still has its unique shoes styles, which are always tailored, unique, and also classic. Those styles are what we can represent from the shoes collections of this brand. The unique point is when you are visiting the store directly since you can simply use the scanner which can detect your needs of the shoes which are suitable to your feet condition and your style. That becomes one of the reasons it becomes one of 5 best brand handmade women’s shoes.

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