Get Your Heel Grips to Make Your Heels more Comfortable

Did you ever experienced the pair of heel which to big for your feet? Or maybe you feel slippery? This is becomes the common experience while you have to wear the heels that do not match with your feet size. Other cases is may be you suffer from the scar that caused by your heels. It is very horrible and make you very uncomfortable as well. While you choose the heels, you have to consider the heels can hold you to keep stable while walking. The best solution from your problem is use the heel grips inside your heels.

Heel grips is additional pads on your heal counter to make your heels or shoes are more comfortable to wear. The heel grips ten to push in the feet corner from your shoes. The pad is more possible and increases your comfortable wear and minimize your feet get trauma that is caused by accidents. You have to know how to use and benefit from the heel grips.

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Here some correct tips how to wear the heel grips:

Before you wear the heel grips, you have to provide the one pack of heel grips that complete with the adhesive, your pair of heels or other shoes and scissors. The correct steps are:
  1. Remove the heel grips from the cover.
  2. You do not need to remove the cover paper. Before apply it, you have to make sure that your heels grip are suitable with your shoes. If the heel grips higher, you will need to cut it.
  3. If you think that you need to cut the grips slightly, you can use the scissor and cut the bottom line area. In some cases, this step does not necessary except you need it. Remember that you cannot cut the grip gel or padded grips area.
  4. Before apply it, you can put your hand inside you shoes and touch the areas which you need to place the heel grips. So you know the correct location as well.
  5. If you sure that your heel grips for your heels or shoes are perfectly match, you can remove the cover paper from the sticky side from the first heel grips. Avoid remove it in both of your heel grips in same times.
  6. Take the one of heel grips and push it inside your shoes properly.
  7. You can make your shoes stable with pushing the surface area with the tables or your other hand.
  8. Push the sticky side from your heel grips inside your shoes or heels. It is useful to make sure that your heel grips are stuck properly and tough.
  9. After you sure that your heel grips is plug properly, you can do some tips for your other shoes pair.
  10. Wait your shoes for a while before you use it.
Tricks Get Your Heel Grips to Make Your Heels more Comfortable

There are several benefits from using heel grips:
  1. Avoiding you from the pain of using heels in your feet.
  2. Make your shoes more comfortable.
  3. Avoid your shoes from slippery.
  4. Match your size when your heels have longer size than your feet.
 Watch this tutorial to get your heel grips more comfortable.

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