How to Turn Your Hobby of Making Handmade Knitted/Crochet Baby Shoes Into Business

Making handmade knitted/crochet baby shoes is something that only some people can do. If you have that talent and love doing that, you should be grateful because you get golden opportunity to get some money from your knitting hobby. However, there’s a warning to you that this might not be as simple as you might think. There are several things you must do before you finally get some profits like finding market, pricing, promoting, and inventing new models. So here are several tips to turn your hobby into business. Have a look.

Decide what kind of product you want to sell

In the first step, you should decide what kind of product you want to sell. Since you have decided that it is baby shoes you want to sell, then you should consider another else. Would you take customary order? Would you only sell handmade knitted or crochet baby shoes with your signature patterns or models? Besides baby shoes, would you also sell craft supplies in your store?.

handmade knitted crochet baby shoes

Decide the place where you want to sell

Since you are newbie in this craft business, just start small, Think what will make you happy when you sell your product. If you’re happy because of money, then selling your craft items via online is the right choice for you. Your craft items will be viewed by more people, even people from around the world. If you sell crochet baby shoes because you like seeing people’s expression when they buy your products, then selling your handmade knitted/crochet baby shoes in person through physical store or craft fairs is your best choice.

Take lot of pictures

If you sell your baby shoes via online, you should make good picture to lure customers buy your products. Take many pictures and choose which picture is the best for promotion. If necessary, you can take a course to learn of taking good pictures.

Create good website

As the part of promotion, you should create a website that will persuade visitors buying your craft items and with friendly design, so that visitors can navigate through the website easily.

Wrap the products beautifully

Create a beautiful package for shipping items that makes your handmade knitted baby shoes look like the products from luxury boutiques. There is no doubt that your customers will be very happy when they receive and see their fancy package. People tend to buy again if they satisfied with their first order.

Provide all the information about your products

When you send the shoes, don’t forget to include all the information about your products, for example, the materials you use, and how to wash and care for them. There are people who have allergy to certain types of yarn, so this kind of information is important to tag along with the products.

Turn Your Hobby of Making Handmade Knitted Crochet Baby Shoes Into Business

Learn to price your items

To price handmade items is not as easy as you think. There are variables you need to consider like the cost of the materials, the amount of times you spend to knit the shoes, and the advertisement cost.

Study the regulation

Wherever places you choose as the market place, they will have the regulations that you should know. Study all the regulations before you start to sell handmade knitted/crochet baby shoes. If necessary, consult to the attorney.

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