Make Your Own Baby Shoes from Knitting Wools

If you know about the knitting from wools, you may able to knit your own baby shoes with the cute design and based on your taste. But this is different task for the beginners who do not understand enough about knitting. Knitting sometimes become hard task, but if you learn more then you will find the exiting thing when you knitting. There are some patterns for your baby feet’s especially to make your wool baby shoes. You able to search for your references and ideas. You need more patience in order to knit and make the cute booties for your baby. You need to search about how to knit the baby shoes using wool thread for beginners.

how to knit the baby shoes using wool thread for beginners

Before you know how to knit the wool for your baby shoes, it is essential to know and understand the materials for knitting wools, they are:
  1. The difference between crochet and knitting. The crochet usually use one simple needles but knitting using two needles.
  2. Hook or hakpen. Hakpen has variation size and the using is based on thread size. You should adjust the hakpen with the tread size to make your knitting.
  3. Thread. As you know that tread should well match with the hakpen, so there is some various of thread size as well. You can search it for your understanding.
Make Your Own Baby Shoes from Knitting Wools

After you know the simple explanation above, now we move how to knit the baby shoes using wool thread for beginners. Before we know the steps you need some preparations. The materials:
  • Choose your thread, for the babies you can choose best wool thread that save for your baby.
  • Get your needles for knitting.
  • Gauge your thread. Before you start knitting, you need to always measure your thread or decide the “tension”. In other words, the measure tools can help you to always know how much knitting in each inches. Always measure your thread.
  • Decide your baby feet size. Decide how much inches for your baby feet including the calf as well.
Free Knitting Patterns For Baby Shoes

The steps:
  1. Cast the correct amount from the stitches to cover the toes.
  2. You can knit along the line based on your need to reach the length from toes and heels. Make sure you count properly. You can knit in 2 or 3 lines then start to down in every line with the double stitches until reach the heels.
  3. Then you can knit the cuff. After you had done the bootie based, you need to increase your knitting until the ankles.
  4. Cast off your knitting and make sure you tie loosely to make it comfortable whenever your baby wears it.
  5. You can knite the botties together. Fold the half the fabric so he bootie will inside the stitches. This is useful to make sure the stitches inside cannot see.
  6. You also able to add some decorations then your wool baby shoes is ready to wear.

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