Tips to Take Care of Women’s Handmade Leather Shoes

Women’s handmade leather shoes are often considered the most chosen outfit in order to support your daily appearance. Not only are they often designed beautifully, it is undeniable that shoes made from leather are more durable. It is surely due to the main materials themselves which tend to be more qualified than the artificial ones. However, you should not only think about how to buy them. It is important as well to keep and take care for them. It is actually not something difficult to do. Indeed, there are probably extra treatments to be done. So, how to take care for your handmade leather shoes particularly for women? Check them out.

Guide How to Care for Leather Shoes

Studying Your Shoes

It is not kidding. You have to study your leather shoes more. It is because the leather itself has so many types which has different characteristics from one to another. For some cases, they need different treatments too. As an example, leather high heels may need special keeper since the size tends to be bigger and they are heavier as well. Meanwhile, it is okay to keep some pairs of leather flat shoes at once since they are smaller. Another important thing is about where you buy it. By knowing the reference and testimony about the producers, you will know whether you need extra treatments for them or not.

No Need to Wash

It is actually not for any kind of handmade leather shoes – that’s why it is important to study more about yours. However, in general, there is no need to wash any leather shoes as it can simply damage its structure. The damage itself cannot be simply seen just after the shoes are wet, i will be happened slowly later. This is also being another reason why you should be careful when passing through the puddle of water. If you are able to avoid it, that’s all you must do.

Tips to Take Care of Women’s Handmade Leather Shoes

If it is already wet

The problem is, you cannot avoid your shoes from water all the time. So, how if it is already happened? The first thing is you must not directly dry it under the sunshine. Again, it is all about damaging the structure and making your shoes less durable. You can simply take a clean and smooth cloth and then wipe it slowly until it is really clean and dry. Make sure that the cloth is also able to absorb the water well. Next, just place it on a dry and airy place until it is really dry.

Watch this video to see how to take care of leather shoes.

To Clean Them from Other Stain

Water is not the only problem on your shoes for sure. Sometimes, they may have any other stain like mud, dust, and maybe your own beverage. To overcome all of the problems, you can simply wipe it with special cleaner and then let them dry themselves without placing them under the sunshine. If the stain still cannot be removed, brushing them smoothly with smooth brush of course. It is basically so easy to treat your leather shoes. Well, next thing to be done is just be more careful while wearing the women’s handmade leather shoes.

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