Using the Silicone Gel Pads for Your Shoes Solution

Jewelry may be a closer friend for some woman’s. However, for some woman’s feel that high heels or good shoes can be the magic touch that can improve their appearance. You may have a full of shoes luggage in your cabinets, rag, or you may have your own room that special for your shoes collections. The problem is when you have to wear the high heels during 8 hours; you may get serious problems as well. It is really uncomfortable and annoying. You may think to get the perfect feet while using the high heels, but you have to consider the comfort sense as well.
The other issue is usually the size between the certain brand is different with our size. The next problem is occur when you get feel smaller or bigger size than your original feet size. The solution is use the silicone gel pad that can for over size of woman shoes.

20 Ways to Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable-using the Gel Pads

The several benefits of using silicone gel pads for your shoes:
  1. Make your shoes comfortable to wear.
  2. Can reduce your pain when you run or jump using high heels or other kind of shoes.
  3. The gel pad can be you ice compress.
  4. Give you more relaxation such as: light massage and concentration on your arch.
  5. Make your straighter strapping.
  6. Provide you with anti-inflammation.
  7. Led you more flexible when walking.
  8. Prevent you from fall or slippery.

Using the Gel Pads for Your Shoes Solution

You able to apply the gel pad inside your shoes and make your shoes more comfortable to wear. So you do not have to worry get unstable while walking and prevent from the slippery as well. There are several tips to make your heels more comfortable to wear:
  1. Using the gel pads inside your shoes. Gel pad can solve your problem of wearing shoes especially heels. For one reason, the gel pad can avoid you from the scar or trauma from your toes. The high heels with arc shaping can keep your feet pressure. The better way us use the gel pad insole shoes that can make your heels more comfortable and reduce the pain. Silicone Gel pad is suit for over size shoes for woman shoes. Watch this video using silicone gel pads.
  2. Change your walk habit. You do not need being models in wearing heels. The models well know how to use heel for good walking in catwalk. But this is just for catwalk that can make the outfit and shoes can stand out as well. You have to consider your walking with keep your head and back bone stay straight on the line. You have to keep balance.
  3. Choose your heels with the straps. You may suffer from the accidents that caused by your feet that slipper from your shoes and left heels fall you. You may get some injuries because of it. The worse is when you get over size than your feet size, it can cause you get slipper easier. From the alternative way, you can choose heel strips that safer and comfortable.

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