Remarkable Custom Handmade Women’s Shoes Spain by Losal

Talking about handmade women’s shoes Spain is not complete without talking about Losal shoes. Losal shoes is one of the best custom handmade shoes maker in Spain. Its journey was started from 1899 which make Losal shoes’ quality is no longer arguable. There some reasons why this shoes maker is consistent to opt making handmade shoes. It is tradition to present the best quality. It is what this company believe. By opting to make shoes handmade, Losal crafts the art to your shoes. Besides, the custom handmade shoes also offer convenience and subjectivity. Convenience come from the accurate sizing since the shoes are special made for your foot. It what makes us proud that people who wear our shoes would feel like without wearing shoes. Subjectivity means we could interpret your preference of the design to your shoes. Here are some of the top choices from Losal shoes made by Spain.

Spring Step Women's Remarkable Spain Boots by Losal

Ankle Boot

As winter is coming, we introduce Ankle Boot for you to welcome the winter and Christmas. This beautiful shoes are made of pure brown leather. The stunning shoes combine chestnut and chestnut tesla leather which its quality has been well-known. The brown color look amazing with the natural pattern of pure leather. This beautiful ankle boots are suitable for any mantel for you to lead your winter style.

Remarkable Custom Handmade Women’s Shoes Spain by Losal-ankle boot


For you who does not like high shoes, you might like this beautiful low moccasin-loafer. This shoes are dominated black and dark color. It combines black Kasur and charcoal-grey Kasur leather whose quality are no longer arguably. It is suitable for any casual occasion both for outdoor and indoor. This beautiful shoes is also suitable for your winter style.

moccasin-loafer-Handmade Women’s Shoes Spain

Brown Nairobi Moccasin-Loafer

To give more option for the low shoes lover, we offer you the stunning brown Nairobi moccasin-loafer. This shoes uses snake leather as its dominant material. The gives you a strong accent and firm style. This belong to our winter collection as well.

moccasin-loafer-brown nairobi-Handmade Women’s Shoes Spain

Zipper Boot

Zipper boot shoes are actually an outfit for autumn, but it also suitable for winter. From the outside, it looks like the ankle boot, but it has zipper. This beautiful shoes are dominated by Burgundy Suede material. Besides, it also combines with Fleece-sympatex material. This will surely make your winter and Christmas look so fashionable and fantastic.

zipper boot-Handmade Women’s Shoes Spain

Shoes are a matter of trust. Our company has experience of crafting handmade shoes for years and people still believe in our quality. Trust is such an honor for us. We will keep crafting the best shoes for woman around the world as tributes for their trust to us. As we custom and handcraft our products, we assure our customers that they will get the best service to get their shoes. Our choice to give chance to custom-made to our customers is a proof of our commitment of quality. Besides, we assure that we will craft perfect fit shoes for you. This method offers you safer experience since it will avoid you from the possibility to get slipped. Thus, Losal is a clear definition for handmade women’s shoes Spain.

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