Make Custom Hand Painted Canvas Shoes for Men

Lately, painted shoes become new trend among young peoples. Usually the main materials for your painted shoes are using canvas shoes that easier penetrate the paint and the other materials are easier to found in any market as well. For creative peoples, made custom hand painted canvas shoes for men can be challenging and fun to do. You can make your own custom through your own design or certain characters that you want to paint. Painted shoes design come with attarctive ways, start from cartoon character, abstract pain, written art or just photo yourself.

painted canvas shoes for men-custom hand painted canvas shoes for men

Sometimes, you can get your paints shoes through certain shop, however you may does not like with the design. Some peoples also think that painted shoes is difficult to do. But you do not have to worry, because make your own painted shoes is not always hard and you can add your taste as well.

How to make your own custom hand painted canvas shoes for men?

The materials are:
  • You need canvas men shoes. As you know that canvas shoes derived in any size. Make sure that your canvas shoes are new shoes that the surface area is still stiff and there is no dirt. The canvas shoe is not only white, you also can choose with other colors as well.
  • Acrylic paints. For starters, you can use acrylic paints which packaged in small tubes. For example: you can use certain acrylic paints with many different colors and each tube contain of 12 ml.
  • Get the brush. This is the main point because your brush is your asset. Brush an give the best result and good quality as well. You may need more expensive cost for your brush. However, the brush can use for long durable.
  • Drawing tools. Using pencil and eraser to draw the pattern.
  • Glue and some accessories.

acrylic paints-custom hand painted canvas shoes for men

The steps are:
  1. Clean your canvas shoes from dirt and take off the shoelaces.
  2. Choose the pattern that you want. For beginner, you can start from the polka dots, stripes, clouds, leaves, etc. you can choose your theme as well.
  3. Draw the pattern in your canvas shoes.
    Draw the pattern in your canvas shoes-custom hand painted canvas shoes for men
  4. Start to paint your pattern with the based color, usually using the dominant colors.
  5. Add some color gradation to make it stand out.
  6. You can add some accessories.
  7. You can dry your painted shoes using drier as well.
  8. After you shoes was dry, you can take and your painted shoes is ready to wear.

After you make your custom hand painted canvas shoes for men, it is essential knowing how to clean your painted shoes without damage them, they are:
  • Before was he your shoes, you can tap your shoes in the walls.
  • Use a mild soap without any bleach.
  • Brush your shoes with soft brusher.
  • If there is a stain, you can mix the baking soda with waters.
  • Dry your shoes with natural air. Avoid dry your shoes under sun light directly.

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