Is It Possible to Get Cheap Handmade Shoes for Women?

Women love shoes. In fact, women seems obsessed with shoes. No matter what the prices are, women would buy shoes almost without hesitancy. In last couple of years, handmade shoes have become popular in styles. The reasons why women chose handmade shoes are varied. Some women chose handmade shoes because their feet were hurt. They needed shoes that wouldn’t give them more pain. Some women chose handmade shoes because they wanted shoes that no other women wore the same model. Unfortunately, it is almost possible to get cheap handmade shoes for women. You still can get the best shoes at the best price if you know how. So we are going to give you some tips to get affordable handmade shoes. Have a look.

Is It Possible to Get Cheap Handmade Shoes for Women

Sales Season

Most handmade shoes are expensive especially for handmade shoes made by famous shoes makers. You may need to save your salary for a couple of months in order to get the shoes. Luckily, our country has sales seasons each year. Sales seasons are the best times for you to get affordable handmade shoes. However, you must be remember that not all handmade shoes brands or models have cutting price. That is why you should be flexible when you are in the stores. Sales seasons often go along with holiday seasons. Go early to the stores before the shoes in your size are all gone and you have the chance to pick more shoes.

The Stores

Handmade shoes are not like factory-made shoes. If you want to get the best shoes at the best price, you should find the shoes in little shoes stores or traditional market. The price of handmade shoes in department stores or retail stores are often more expensive than little stores. The benefits of purchasing shoes in little stores are you can custom the shoes based on what you like, and you can go back to the stores if your shoes need to be repaired.

Cheap Handmade Leather Shoes for Women

If you want to know how to check the real leather of handmade shoes, you can follow these tips:
  • The real leather shoes will have the textures like skin which soft when you touch it, and on the backside you can feel the suede textures. It also has the appearance of the skin and distinctive smells of the skin.
  • If you go to little stores, the owner would be glad to show you the flame test to prove that their shoes are made of real leather. If you burn the real leather, it will melt and give distinctive smell. The flames won’t ignite on the real leather. The opposite way will happen on pleather materials. The flames will ignite and the smell likes plastic.
  • You also can check whether the material is real leather or not by scratching it. The real leather will be going back to new after you scratch it lightly.
Those are some tips to get cheap handmade shoes for women. Remember to always taking care of them once you are able to buy the shoes. Hope this article can help you finding the best handmade shoes.

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