Tips to Buy Good British/English Shoes

As bespoke shoes maintain their reputation being the highest quality shoes made by the world’s best shoe makers, learning the tips to buy good English shoes is crucial. With this reputation, it will be such a shame if you end up buying low quality English bespoke shoes. High quality shoes are your long term investment that will not disappoint you in any way. These shoes have more than 5 year lifespan, excellent dress shoe design and easy care and treatment. But, why should it be English shoes? The answer is simple. That’s because English bespoke shoe makers are the best in the world even when they are put in comparison with Italian shoe makers.

Material Quality

It doesn’t matter which design you choose for your next bespoke shoes made by English shoe makers, it has to be made from the best quality leather. Instead of other materials, leather is always the top choice. Good quality leather is super and firm. The French calfskin for instance is very popular to be made leather shoes. You should feel the quality by touching it and trying it on. However, all leathers can get wrinkle and crease. So, what you have to do is to treat the shoes properly. For instance, buying shoe tree and brushing the shoes after being used. This routine can definitely keep the shoes in good condition for years.

Tips to Buy Good Britain British English British Shoes

Consider the English Shoes Features

The heel should be the first feature you need to consider. If you are taller than 5 feet, the ideal heel should be less than 1,2 inches. But if you are shorter than 5 feet, you can get longer heel. But before you decide on the heel, you have to try them on. Try them and walk with them for several meters back and forth to see how comfortable the shoes and heel are. If you cannot seem to find the right one, ask the shoe makers to customize the shoes for you.

Focus on the toe shapes as well. What you need to do is to avoid super symmetrical toe shapes. Instead, go for toe shapes with elegant curves to complement the shoes. It’s okay for you to choose toe shapes with little elongation. But make sure it doesn’t hurt or appear to extreme, because it can affect the comfort.

A guide to Buy Good English Oxford Shoes

Silhouettes are crucial features. It means that you have to buy English shoes that compliment your suit. Avoid buying shoes that will only ruin your suit and vice versa. If you want to get something more neutral, try classic bespoke shoes with comfortable and flexible genuine leather for material. Usually, these shoes are easily wearable. You can wear them on both formal and casual occasions.

Choosing shoes made with sewn technique guarantees longer life span compared to glue technique. These shoes cost you more but the durability is something you shouldn’t question. They are also more weather resistant even if you soak them in water during a walk under heavy rain. Now, that you may have some clues of which shoes to buy, don’t hesitate to ask advices from the experts.

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