Tips for Buying Bespoke Shoes Online

If you have considered buying online, make sure to be informed of the tips for buying bespoke shoes online. Bespoke are custom shoes for feet with certain conditions or issues. So, they are definitely not ordinary shoes that you can buy after trying them on a few minutes. These shoes should be perfectly fitted to the person’s feet. As healthy footwear choices, bespoke are capable to improve a person’s condition and to prevent possible ailments. With this benefit, choosing the right bespoke shoes does require more time. You cannot just order online and have the shoes delivered overnight. You need to make sure the shoes are suitable for your feet profile.

Ideal Bespoke Shoes

Just before you order online, you have to make sure that the shoes meet the ideal standards. The shoes have to be made specifically according to your needs. The shoes are custom anyway, right? And the shoes have to deliver perfect fit for your feet profile. Make sure they are giving unbeatable comfort no matter what activities you do while wearing them. And, they have to be designed to your specifications, that include your feet condition and style preference. After all, you want to look stylish with the shoes right? So, make sure the design is as good as branded shoes.

Guide and Tips to Buying Bespoke Shoes Online-Best handmade Shoes

Therefore, when you make online order, you need to let the shoemaker knows the exact size of your feet. If necessary, you can draw a picture of your actual feet size including the dimension. And, don’t forget to share about current feet problem you have.

Order Bespoke Shoes through 3D Scanner

The newest technology used by shoemaker to improve their service and sales is the 3D scanner. We all know how bad it is to wear shoes that are not fitted to our feet profile. And that’s the biggest issue with buying online because you cannot try on the shoes before buying it. But with this new technology, buying bespoke online will no longer be terrifying. The scanner works just as expected to let the shoemaker knows the exact size of your feet. It works to measure the right size, shape and also width of your feet. Then, it will make a 3D model according to the measured sizes.

Tips to Buying Bespoke Shoes and Boots Online-Best handmade Shoes

To be able to use this advanced scanner, you simply have to download the app and install it in your devices. The app is compatible for both iOS and Android. Then, ask help from your family or friend to take the photos of your feet according to app’s instructions. It involves taking photos from multiple angles to measure the size. Then, the 3D image is transformed into 3D model which will be sent to the shoemaker. The shoemaker will create great custom bespoke shoes according to the 3D model and send the bespoke shoes to the customers.

Watch this video, transform your smartphone into 3D foot scanner to purchase custom shoes online.

Since bespoke shoes are mostly customized, the price is considerably higher than other ready-to-use shoes. Therefore, don’t get tempted with cheap bespoke shoes, because they can be just fake shoes. Shortly said, that’s the last tips for buying bespoke shoes online.

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