5 Beautiful DIY Clip On Shoe Accessories

For DIY lovers, you are going to love this DIY clip on shoe accessories that will make your plain shoes more trendy and pretty. You can do this DIY in your spare time and explore your creativity for this DIY project. Today, this article will bring you some beautiful DIY to add clip on your shoes as accessories. You can beautify with these simple ways of how to add clips on your plain flats or shoes.

Why choose shoes clip?

As you know that beautify plain shoes and flat sometimes can be very tricky. If we over accessorized them, they will turn out hideous. But, if we just give simple yet magical touch, they will look much more beautiful and elegant. Shoe clips are chosen by many people because they are pretty tiny pieces that can make our plain shoes look different especially if we explore our creativity on the design. These shoe clips can be designed in many ways with versatile basic materials and accessories. In this article, the designs of shoes clip are various and you can choose which one is the perfect one for your shoes. You can add little bows, few pom-poms, shiny sequins, colorful rhinestones and others.

5 Beautiful DIY Clip On Shoe Accessories

What are the steps to make my shoes prettier?

Okay, we have got everything covered for you about the steps of how to do this tutorial. You can buy and add several forms of shoe clips including ice cream cones, red lips, moustache smile emoticons or even heart shaped that will lighten up your flat shoes instantly. Prepare yourself now (don’t forget the tools and what you need too!) and check out this DIY tutorial and choose which shoe clips you want to apply on. Enjoy!
Materials you need are:
  • A pair of blank shoe clips.
  • A pair of accessories (you can choose other form you want like earring, sequins, flannel, and others).
  • Toothpick.
  • Pliers.
  • E6000 glue.

The steps are:
  1. Take the pliers for the first step. This plier will help you to jiggle the ear clip back and forth. It will help you to snap it off. And then open the blank shoe clips you’ve prepared. Apply enough glue on your flat or shoes surface (the outer place).
  2. After you apply the glue, press it against the backside of the vintage earring (depend on what form you choose as accessories). You have to place the shoe clip correctly so the area of it is larger than the shoe clip itself. Let it dry for few hours and you can do the same process to another pair.
  3. If your accessories (earring, sequins, etc.) aren’t big enough, you can combine them into one so it will make larger piece. After that take E6000 glue and apply it on the side of the accessory. Press another piece of the accessory against it and add more glue on the backside area. Rest and let them dry for few hours.
    Simple cute DIY Shoe Clips accessories
  4. Then, apply glue on the blank area of the shoe clip. You should press it against the backside of the accessory that you choose. Repeat the process to another pair and let them dry.
  5. After they are completely dry, you can clip them on your shoes or flats!

Watch this video for another simple DIY Shoe Clip Tutorial.

That is the tutorial of how to add clip on shoe accessories. You will be amazed on how your shoes will transform from plain to absolutely gorgeous. Good luck!

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