Dictionary Term About Shoes-The anatomy of the shoe

Are you shoes lover? Well, it’s a must for you then to learn the dictionary term about shoes. A shoe is actually like a human body. When you want to learn about it, you have to start by learning the anatomy of the shoe. It’s something you must be good at before making your own shoes.

Terms of Upper Shoes’ Parts

Upper refers to the shoes’ part covering the foot. It’s the section above the shoes’ sole.
Vamp refers to the upper section of the shoe covering the foot’s front and also some superior aspects over foot’s toes.
Waist refers to the in-step and arch of the foot.
Breast refers to the heel’s forward facing part which is right under the sole’s arch.
Welt refers to strip of material which is becoming a part of the upper and the sole.
Counter refers to firm piece of material which is found at the heel and positioned between the upper and lining. This part is necessary to help maintaining the shoes’ shape. Meanwhile, the counter is necessary to help strengthening the shoes’ rear.

Dictionary Glossary Term About Shoes–The Shoe Anatomy

Feather refers to shoes’ part where the sole meets the upper edge.
Insole refers to a coat of material which is positioned inside the shoe. This part creates a coat between foot and the sole. Usually, insole is added to give comfort to the wearer and to hide the join between the shoes’ upper as well.
Lining refers to a part of the shoes found inside the shoes. Every shoe comes with lining which is positioned around the quarter and vamp. Lining itself is necessary to increase the shoes’ lifespan and improve comfort.
Outsole refers to the sole’s exposed part which is in contact with ground. This can be made from various materials according to the design. It usually includes several properties like durability, water resistance and grip.
Quarter refers to the sides and rear of the shoes’ upper covering the heel behind vamp. Usually, a stiffener is added to strengthen quarter’s heel section. This is done to help supporting the foot’s rear.
Seat refers to the position of the heel. Usually, it has to match the foot’s shape to guarantee support and comfort.
Shank refers to piece of metal that is positioned between the insole and sole. It usually lying against the foot’s arch.
Heel refers to sole’s part which raises the shoes’ rear in relation to shoes’ front. There is also the heel seat which is actually the heel’s top which touches the upper. The seat is often shaped with similar design of the upper.

Puff refers to reinforcing part inside the upper that is added to give shape and support for the toes. It has similar function with toe cap.
Throat refers to front part of the vamp which is located by the toe cap.
Sole refers to shoes’ entire part that is sited right below wearers’ foot.
Toe cap refers to a part of the shoes located in front upper of shoes and is added to improve the strength of the shoes’ upper front.
Top piece refers to heel’s part which is in contact with ground. It is usually made from durable materials.

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