Comparing English/British vs American Shoes

Comparison between English/British vs American shoes is entertaining to discuss. It’s true that England is still a home to most of the best shoe makers in the world. These shoe makers are usually more than 100 years old. Meanwhile, America now has been rising as another good shoe maker competing with England and Italian. Between a country with hundred years of history in shoe making, and a country with few decades of history, which one do you think is better? Perhaps, to find the differences and the answer, you have to look further on each feature and detail.

English/British Shoes Features

English shoes are shoes with excellent quality made from the highest quality of leather and other materials. Most of the shoe makers are based in Northamptonshire, producing high quality bespoke shoes for customers all over the world. This county is chosen because it has a plenty local oak bark supply and water. Those two are needed in process of leather tanning.

The Differences between English British vs American Shoes

The first feature making English shoes distinctive is the fact that the shoe makers still use traditional methods. One of the most common methods is Goodyear welting technique. In this technique, the leather’s strip is sewn around shoes’ bottom edge. Then it is attached to insole and upper before being sewn to outer sole. Sew is chosen instead of glue to achieve better quality and durability. Glue doesn’t last long especially when the shoes are often soaked in water. Sew on the other hand, can give the shoes at least 5 years of lifespan.

Comparison between English-British shoes vs American shoes
This technique combined with other technique results in durable and weather resistant pairs of shoes that also have replaceable soles. With the right treatment, the shoes will still look and feel fantastic for 5 years in a row. The most common design of English/British shoes are classic with considerably low heels. The shoes commonly don’t have too many accessories. They are rather simple but elegant.

American Shoes Features

Well, how about American shoes? What makes them special? Actually, the materials are similar to what shoe makers in England use. Most of the materials are high quality genuine leather. This material guarantees high quality shoes. But what about the lifespan of the shoes? Well, it cannot be solely determined by the material’s quality but also the crafting process.

Shoes makers in USA use various techniques. Some of them use advanced tools to make the shoes and some of them still craft the shoes by hand. The highest quality shoes are made with the same technique as England’s shoes. It refers to the Goodyear welt construction. Meanwhile, lower priced shoes are glued instead of sewn.

Comparing English British versus American Shoes

As for the design, the American shoes tend to be more vibrant including in its color. England shoes are mostly classy with natural classic color and fewer accessories. On the other hand, American shoes mostly come with more details and accessories. And the heel of American shoes tends to be thicker compared to England shoes. The England shoes are dominated with dress shoes, while American shoes are more varying as the shoe makers also make various boots designs.

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