Add the Unique Accessories to Dress Up Your High Heels

High heels become certain interest for most of woman. As we know that almost all of woman’s like shoes especially high heels that can make them look classier. High heels can increase the woman confidence. Not only heels that can make them look more stylish and fashionable, the main point of heels is able to make them taller looks. This thing becomes stereotype, that beautiful woman’s should have the taller height. Another reason is heels will more suit in any kind of woman clothes such as: mini skirts, skinny jeans, gown, short pants, etc. Usually the good high heel is made from leather as main materials. Pair of high heels usually have high price for some woman.

The common issue of woman when have the high heels are does not how to care it. So, some of them will spend more cost. But you do not have to worry because there are several ideas of shoe accessories for heels. Here some tips to decorate your heels with unique accessories that can make your heels more stylish:

  1. Make your comic heels. May be this tip is becomes the most unique tips and friendly environment that you can try to make your heels more stylish. You just need ex-comic that has full color on it, provide the scissors and timber glue and plain heels. The first step is you need to clear your shoes from the dirt. Then you can cut the ex-comic into small pieces. After that you can stick the comic pieces using the timber glue, you have to stick it out according your shape shoes then wait until dry. Your comic heels are ready to wear.
    Comic heels-the Unique Accessories to Dress Up Your High Heels
  2. Decorate you heels with the sparkling strap. If you have the heels with the rope or strap, you can decorate it in order to make your shoes more beautiful. You need to prepare the brooch or earrings that you never use and your strap heels. You can stick the earrings or brooch on your strap heels. You can pair by jabbing the needle from the earrings or brooch. Finally your sparkling heels are ready to wear.
  3. Get your spiked pump. If you want to make your heels funkier, you need to prepare the nails decorative, the drill tools and you heels that you want to decorate. You can drill your shoes according the pattern that you want. Then you can insert the decorative nails into the holes and do not forget to plug the cover nails. Finally your unique and cute heels are ready.
spiked pump-the Unique Accessories to Dress Up Your High Heels

After you decorate with shoe accessories for heels, you have should know how to care your heels:
  • Choose the proper of heel stoppers. Heel stoppers usually available in any kind and brands of heels. You have to choose properly with your heels and easier to slide in your heel stoppers.
  • Clean your heels regularly. If you want to make your heels durable in many years, the most important is always clean your heels in schedule.

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